Slide Parts


The Infinity extractor is specifically designed to work in conjunction with our revolutionary caliber specific ejector and is machined from bar stock 4340 alloy and hardened to a Rockwell C 45. The extractor's exacting dimensions and precise tip is critical to proper function, maximum contact and long life.

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Firing Pin

Firing pin is .38, .40, and 9mm/Supercomp Caliber..45 will only fit the Infinity slides with the IBF/Interchangeable Breechface.

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Firing Pin Spring

Firing Pin Spring

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Firing Pin Stop Plate

Firing pin stop plate for 1911 style pistols. (traditional and competition wide body)

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Infinity Slide Racker

Infinity Slide Racker comes checkered and lightened for optimum performance.
Requires a .359in x 60 degree dovetail

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Due to US State Department Export regulations we are prohibited in shipping firearms related components valued over $150.00 USD outside of the United States. Textiles and Infinity Logo products are not considered firearms related products. Freight charges will be adjusted accordingly once your order is placed. For International shipments we will ship your order with the US postal service.
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