Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to provide more timely information to all customers, below we will list responses to the most common inquiries.

Q: Why choose Infinity Firearms ®?
A: There are many, many reasons to choose Infinity ®, here are just a few:

1. We manufacture every part of the pistol in-house from billet bar stock. (No forged, cast or MIM (metal injection molded) parts, ever)!
2. Every pistol is built to a customer's specific functional and cosmetic desires using our online Gunbuilder® program.
3. Inter-changeable breech face slides that now includes the extractor built in the breech face. An Infinity exclusive that allows our customers to have multiple calibers with the same slide.
4. Metal grip options. Diameters, textures, lengths, and trigger guards sizes that allow for more options than anyone else in the industry.
5. Hand fit and finish with an extreme attention to detail.
6. Tested and tuned designs. All innovations are tested and validated by over 40 of the top shooters in the world.
(Team Infinity ® shooters)
7. We employee only top level engineers with a passion for the 1911 style gun.
8. Family Owned and Operated in TEXAS!
9. Major components are specially heat and cryogenically treated as well as optionally PVD coated for maximum strength and longevity.
10. Support after the sale.

Q: Do you have a price list for your guns?
A: Due to the custom nature of each pistol we request that a Gunbuilder® design be completed and submitted to the factory for a quote. If you wish to replicate a design in our photo gallery please email or call us to provide the photo number and a quote can be provided.

Starting cost of our base pistol is $4200.00 with one magazine.

Q: How do I create a Pistol design?
A: As every pistol we manufacture is a unique design each on requires its own Gunbuilder® design sheet. To create a design for the pistol of your dreams, follow the process below.
1. Use our Gunbuilder® system to create an account. Click here to create an account.

2. Log into Gunbuilder® and choose pistol type.

Single Stack - Complete Billet Traditional 1911 style single pistol : Typical capacity 6-10 rounds in the magazine depending on caliber.

Wide Body - Complete Billet High Capacity Double Stack 1911 : Typical capacity 10-29 rounds in the magazine depending on caliber.

Then choose pistol type/length:

* There are several pre-configured templates that address design or rule limitations (i.e., IDPA 5" pistols cannot have a Bull barrel). You can select one of these templates and then select the available options.

Officer : 3.75" barrel length.

Commander : 4.24" barrel length.

Tiki : 3.75" or 4.24" barrel length with a proprietary sighting system.

IMM Open: 5" barrel length, Proprietary Pistol Design.

Govt. : 5" barrel length.

Sight Tracker : 5" barrel length that utilizes fixed front sight the barrel.

5.4 Inch : 5.4" barrel length, Proprietary Pistol Design.

Six Inch : 6" barrel length, Proprietary Infinity ® +1in frame rail

3. Select desired options where applicable. (Click on underlined option name for more info/picture.)

4. Once you have completed and saved a design a Gunbuilder® number will be assigned to the design.

5. Go to Saved Designs when you are ready to submit your design to the Factory for a quote/delivery time estimate. Quotes are good for 90 days from the initial response.

Click "Describe" on the design number you wish to submit. Add any additional notes and then click "Submit Design to Factory"

Our goal is to respond within 24 hours. (If an email is not received within 24 hours we suggest checking your SPAM filter/Junk Folder or login back into Gunbuilder® and review messages added to your design.) The Factory will make any necessary recommendations and provide a quote. Quotes are good for 90 days from the initial response. A minimum deposit of $1000.00 is required to start the build process.
The $1000.00 deposit will be applied to the base cost of the pistol.
A 2nd payment for all custom work above base pistol is due prior to the manufacturing stage of the build process. This amount will be determined upon order confirmation.
Custom work includes but is not limited to additional top-ends, caliber conversions, custom engraving artwork, custom blast pattern artwork, additional parts fitted to pistol, etc. Initial deposits, and any additional deposits for custom work are non-refundable.
The remaining balance is due within 30 days of the completion of the pistol, prior to scheduling a shipment date.

Payment options are: Check, Money Order, and Visa/Mastercard. Discover and American Express are not accepted.

If you require any additional help through the Gunbuilder® design process or just need some help with selecting the proper options, please do not hesitate to call, 1-800-928-1911.

Q: Can I make changes to my design after an order is placed?
A: Changes to orders will be considered only for the first 45 days after a deposit has been received. After 45 days any changes will result in a $100 change fee. In addition, if any major components are requested to be changed and (Slide, Frame, Grip, Barrel) have already been manufactured, a 15% restock fee will also be assessed.

Q: Can I get a custom serial number?
A: Yes, all of our pistols are available with a custom serial number at no additional cost. Serial numbers can be up to 13 characters and MUST contain at least one number.

Q: What material should I choose to use for my pistol?
A: Another advantage to manufacturing a complete billet 1911 in house is that we can efficiently manufacture the complete pistol in a variety of materials.

We offer pistols built from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum*, and titanium. (* Slides are not available in aluminum due to longevity concerns.)

The vast majority of our pistols are made from carbon steel (Blued or DLC Coated) or stainless steel (Silver or Duo-Tone).

Aluminum offers an approximate 67% weight reduction when compared to carbon steel or stainless steel but longevity is a concern.

Titanium offers an approximate 50% weight reduction when compared to carbon steel or stainless steel but the material and manufacturing cost is substantially higher.

For some of the applications titanium material is not always the best option.

In 90% of our production, a titanium frame or slide would not be the best option for competition performance due to increased felt recoil. This is because of the overall weight of the pistol is cut in half.

Titanium does offer corrosion resistance that can not be matched by using carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Due to these properties we find the titanium material to be well suited for light weight carry applications.

Q: Do you offer factory tours?
A: Due to current demand, we are not able to offer tours at this time. Thank you for your interest in our products, our goal is that the delivered product far exceeds expectations.

Q: Do you offer Chrome Plating as a finish option?
A: Our stated goal in manufacturing is to go further in innovation and quality. A large part of quality is longevity and reliability. Due to the hydrogen embrittlement implications of hard chroming we find this process is detrimental to the quality of the product.

We use several proprietary coating technology alternatives that increase performance and longevity throughout the life of the pistol.

Q: Can I call or email for a status check on my gun order?
A: Due to current demand, our call volume is extremely high. For these reasons, we must ask you to refrain from placing calls or emails requesting status checks or delivery dates on pending orders. You will be contacted just prior to shipping your order for final details. Your cooperation will insure a faster delivery for all customers.

Q: Do you have a Print Catalog?
A: No, as all pistols we build are custom made to a specific Gunbuilder® design and because of the often updated options a printed catalog would become outdated too fast to properly represent the current offerings. Please visit the Online Store and Photo Gallery for pictures of the currently available products.

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Q: Can I make changes to my design after an order is placed?
A: Changes can be accommodated for the first 90 days after a deposit is received. After 90 days any changes will result in a $100 change fee. In addition, if any major components are requested to be changed and (Slide, Frame, Grip, Barrel) have already been manufactured, a 15% restock fee will also be assessed.

Q: Should I get an SVP barrel with my new pistol?
A: Our SVP (Strength Velocity Precision) offering is a revolutionary concept in barrel accuracy and featured as an option on Infinity® firearms.
  • Gain Twist rifling
  • Variable width lands
  • Optimum Feeding Angle curved ramp
  • Special chamber entrance chamfer

Q: Do you have a showroom and can I come by and see some display models?
A: Our manufacturing facility is not open to the public. We would however be glad for customers interested in designing and purchasing a pistol to stop by and see some pistols we have in various states of build and can discuss all build options in detail. We do require an appointment. Appointments are available Monday-Saturday 8 AM until 4 PM. Please email or call us to setup a time.

Q: I see some of your pistols are engraved, can I get some details on what is offered?
A: We offer two types of custom engraving. See the details below:

Hand Engraving: Any pistol design created in the Gunbuilder® can be hand engraved to your request. A hand sketch of the engraving can be provided or we can let the creative artist loose. (lead times vary based on engraving back log)

Machine Engraving: Any pistol design created in the Gunbuilder® can be machine engraved. Most commonly we perform machine engraving for text, family crest, logos, or patterns. Machine engraving does not offer the shadowing or detail level that can be achieved in hand engraving.

Basic engraving including sides of the slide with a name or simple logo is $300.00. Final cost is dependent on your exact desire. Please call to discuss details.

Please send an example drawing, photo, wording and/or font via email to and then call to discuss final costing at 1-800-928-1911.

Q: What is the lead-time to have a pistol built?
A: The current lead-time is approximately 8-10 months. If you have a specific need for something different, please call us to discuss options.

Q: Who can I buy one of your pistols from?
A: If you are in the US we offer customer direct purchasing. If you are not in the US you will need to work with one of our International Distributors to obtain pricing and receive your pistol. In either case a completed Gunbuilder® is required for pricing.

Here is a link to our Distributor list. International Distributors

Q: I live in Massachusetts / California, what are my options?
A: These states have strict requirements for what pistols are available for sale. Please call the factory at 1-800-928-1911 to discuss your options.

Q: Do you perform Gunsmith work?
A: Our components are designed for series 70 1911 type pistols. Most Infinity ® components will work with other manufacturer's 1911 style pistols. We recommend installations be performed by competent Gunsmiths. However, we only work on Factory built Infinity ® pistols that are less than 5 years old. The reason we do not work on older pistols is due to design changes/improvements and to maintain the quality level we wish to offer. It is most often more cost effective to build a new pistol instead of trying to upgrade an older unit.

Q: I am not in the US, can I order any gun parts from the Online Store?
A: Due to US State Department Export regulations we are prohibited in shipping firearms related components valued over $500.00 USD (excluding grips and barrels completely) outside of the United States. Textiles and Infinity Logo products are not considered firearms related products. Freight charges will be adjusted accordingly once your order is placed. For International shipments we will ship your order with the US postal service.

Q: Do you sell frames as a separate part?
A: To maintain brand quality we reserve our frame production for complete Infinity ® pistols.

Q: Do you sponsor shooters?
A: We do have a team of brand ambassadors around the world known as Team Infinity. These individuals showcase and promote our product on our behalf. These folks were Infinity shooters before being asked to join the team and had proven themselves to love the quality of the product we produce enough to want to represent us. Membership on this team of fine folks is by invitation only.

NOTICE: Infinity firearms are custom guns, built and hand-fitted to each customer’s specific criteria. This process takes time, and orders are filled as they are received. Please remember this when placing your order. In fairness to all, there is no “jumping the line.”

Status inquiries should be made by email. This provides both you and Infinity with a written record of communications, and lets the office function at maximum efficiency.

The staff at Infinity Firearms strives to provide each customer with a professional and efficient experience, and asks the same treatment from its customers. Obscenity and other forms of abuse towards the staff will not be tolerated; such abuses will result in the cancellation of the abuser’s order and the refund of funds/return of the gun.

All Gunbuilder orders are contracts under Texas law and venue, per Texas Business and Commercial Code, Title 9, Chapter 273, § 273.001 and Chapter 274, § 274.001.

If you still have any questions after reading these responses please contact us by email at or call us at 1-800-928-1911. Our goal is to respond to all email within one business day.